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ATV Off-Road Adventure Tours offers a forest friendly outdoor riding environment that is fun and educational for riders. Our ATVs have fully automatic transmissions for easy driving, and are easy to steer and brake. Safety equipment including mandatory safety helmets is provided.

Your Tour Day

  1. ALL RIDERS MUST ARRIVE PRIOR TO TOUR TIME. All our tours begin at the KOA Campground 15991 NE 243rd Place Rd in the Ocala National Forest where we provide all safety equipment. All riders must be present for safety orientation and operating instructions. Late arrivals forfeit tour as tours cannot be delayed.
  2. Emergency OR Running Late CALL: (352) 299-5650 Reception can be intermittent in our forest and surrounding areas. KEEP REDIALING!!
  3. All participants must read and sign an Agreement and Assumption of Risk Waiver prior to operating the equipment. SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility.
  4. Each rider will be matched with their own fully automatic All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and given instructions and a practice session prior to hitting the trail. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will show you everything you need to know to have a great time. We reserve the right to determine rider capability.
  5. After everyone feels comfortable, we set out on the trail. You are in full control of your own easy to operate ATV.
  6. Our pace is determined by the rear chaser based on evaluation of riders and the cooperation in riding together as a group. No rider is expected to exceed his/her own safe speed. As the tour progresses and riders gain experience the pace may increase, but each tour is different. Slower rides offer better views of the scenery and may take longer whereas a faster pace requires more focus and may finish earlier than scheduled. Riding times vary and are given as an average of groups at a moderate pace. There are several breaks with water and snacks provided or you can bring your own beverage and treat of your choice. Sorry no alcoholic beverages are permitted on the trails.
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TOUR TIMES are available daily from 8 am to 4 pm, on the hour

Time will be determined when making a phone reservation and based on availability.

Contact us at (352) 299-5650

Leave a message if we are out on the trails.  Phones are open until 9:30 EST

The Ocala National Forest Includes

Ocala Wildlife Florida


  • Springs
  • Ponds
  • Low Lands
  • Hill Ridges
  • Flat & Hard Woods
  • Sandy Trails
  • Lakes
  • Clay Trails


  • White Tail Deer
  • Wild Turkey
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Fox
  • Armadillo
  • Turtles
  • Eagles

The Unique Fox Squirrel Is Often Seen on These Trails